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Hindu Superman

Who knew that something so pathetic can be so funny! this video is officially the funniest¬†thing I’ve ever seen…ever!

enjoy ūüôā


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“The” movie

I just finished watching a¬†¬†cleaverly written philosophical film entitled Waking life¬†and I have to say….It changed the way I look at life forever…


It’s a film about a man who cannot¬†discern which one’s the¬†¬†real world¬† and which one’s a dream ,while shuffling in his dreams he met a couple of people along the way,telling him stories about life and the universe,brininging up topics that will make you pause and say

¬†“shit! ( but in a more ecstatic way)”

these are some of my favorite quotes from the movie

“They say that dreams are only real as long as they last. Couldn’t you say the same thing about life?

¬†Actually, there’s only one instant, and it’s right now, and it’s eternity. And it’s an instant in which God is posing a question, and that question is basically, ‘Do you want to, you know, be one with eternity? Do you want to be in heaven?’ And we’re all saying, ‘No thank you. Not just yet.’ And so time is actually just this constant saying ‘No’ to God’s invitation. I mean that’s what time is. I mean, and it’s no more 50 A.D. than it’s two thousand and one. And there’s just this one instant, and that’s what we’re always in.”

anyway just watch the movie….although¬†the film might be alittle boring for some but for others It’ll be like an eye opener.(I hope you’re one of the others)

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