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Do I look gay?

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote something in my so-called “Blog” ,it’s because there hasn’t been anything worth writing or as I like to call it “blog worthy”———–like the time when I was walking to the train station ( sa MRT santolan *para sa mga Filipinos na nagbabasa*) and an old fat guy offered me a ride, and I was like

SN: “gee,thanks mister”

old fat dude: “so where are you headed”

SN: “ayala”

old fat dude: “oh,I’m headed there as well,let’s go”


that was the first time I hitchhike,at first I had an uneasy feeling in chest that this dude might ask something in return,or force me to do something I wouldn’t normally do, but it all went away when I saw a rosary hanging in his rear view mirror….a few minutes passed and we still haven’t spoken a word to each other,the silence was broken when his phone rang,he picked it up and replied to the text message he just received,and the moment he put down his phone  he asked me,

old fat guy: “what brings you to ayala?”

SN: “our school is invited in a cooking competition in glorietta”

and he was like “oh okay”…and then there was silence again…except for the music coming from the radio,playing katy perry’s “I kissed a girl”, that was the 1st time I heard that song and I liked it, so I was dancing a little bit inside…After a few seconds his phone rang, again,he then quickly replied to his text message and put down his phone, and asked me yet another question,although I have forgotten what it was,anyway, a sick thought came into my mind  that he might be talking to his buddy via-text message about “a possible kidney  donor”——–me (in some rural areas here in the Philippines,people sell their kidneys for money )..,I was thinking that he was going to sedate me and transfer my unconcious body to his buddy’s car and find myself waking up in a bathtub full of ice and and a stitch on my lower back, so I was like freaking out in my head,but when I saw the rosary hanging from his rear view mirror  I was like

“okay Nathan,calm yourself down,he’s a Jesus worshipper,everything will be fine”


and the next thing know the van has stopped and glorietta was just acrros the street,I was more than happy to get off the van,but before I stepped out,I asked his name…

SN: “thank you sir,uhmmm,what’s your name? ”

Old fat dude: “Efren”

I shook Efren’s hand and went on with my day… and just about a week ago,after a night out with my family, we found a Van  parked in our driveway,I slowly aprroach the van and found a man sitting in the driver seat,I was going to knock on the window but my mom was like

“Don’t touch it! it could be a crime scene”

she’s affraid that I might get my prints all over the van and stuff,so she called guards and they checked if the man was dead or just sleeping…it turned out that the man was just heavily intoxicated——–these things happened last month and I didn’t bother wrting it because like I said It wasn’t “blog worthy” …anyway,after a month of silence, I sleepingnathan,will once again awake from my deep slumber and write something “BLOG WORTHY” (this happened last night at Ali mall)


As I was pissing away my worries at urinal,I noticed a man in my right staring at me,I couldn’t look at him ’cause he was peeing as well,I can only see him through my peripheral vision.. I walked over the sink to wash my hands and I noticed he was still looking at me,this time I looked at him straight in the eye and found his Gay eyes staring at me,I cursed under my breath and quickly left the bathroom, and then I realized that almost everytime I go out,I always see a gay dude checking me out… now my question is this—-Do I look gay?



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