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lady named beia

the other day, as I was enjoying a refreshing soda in my local neighborhood, I saw a man riding a red motorcycle



snatch a bag from a nice old lady,they were about 50 feet away from me,it all happened so fast that when the motorcycle pass by me at about 30 mph all I did was look when I could’ve clothes line the thief or yell or something,I felt guilty and bad about myself as I  walk back home…



Ater a a goodnight sleep the guilt was gone and I Immediately felt that today (which is yesterday) was going to be a good day…and it was! I got the chance to wear a hamburglar costume (I work part time at McDonald’s)

I was sweating all over the whole time I was under the costume, the feeling of embarassment went away when the kids started hugging me…there was like a moment of transition from me——to Hamburglar,and just like that,I was in character,I was doing the robot and dancing my ass off,haha! the kids seems to like it,they were all ecstatic and happy and stuff…I know,wearing a costume is not exactly what the “cool” kids are doing but it’s my first time to wear a costume,so shuddup!…

anyway on my way home I decided to get a haircut….while I wait for the customer who got there before me, I busy myself by reading my notes about culinary stuff,and I noticed the lady beside me,who’s also reading a book, glancing at my notes, so I asked her waht she was reading…

Lady: “oh,this is just a romantic Novel,what are you reading”

Me: “Different methods of cooking,I’m studying culinary arts”

Lady: “Well I’m not discriminating this (placing her hands on my notes),but you just wan’t to be a cook?”


and I forgot the exact words that was spoken that night but it went on for about 3 minutes,she’s encouraging me to take business management after I graduate culinary arts ’cause she has a brother who happens to be the head manager in Hilton Hotel in Shanghai, she said he graduated culinary arts and business management…well I’m not really fond of taking advices from people I don’t know,but she looks old and full of wisdom and  seems to know what she’s talking about…

when I asked her name and thank her for the advice she gave me (which I think I will reconsider after giving enough thought) she shook my hand and told me her name was “Lady Beia” (I’m not sure how it’s spelt,but it’s pronounced as Bey)…I wasn’t sure if she’s a full blooded Filipina,’cause she speaks perfect english so I talked to her grandson (the customer who got there before me) he said she’s Filipino American and that she’s a muslim,and her name actually begins with lady….when they were about to leave I wanted to say something cool like “you take care now (followed by a perfect smile)” but I ended up sounding stupid…I told them…


” He’s a nice lady..I mean she (followed by a smile)”


and that was the words I left them with….


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