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two cockroaches in one night

“You focking Cockaroach!”

-Tony Montana (a.k.a Scarface)




As I was lying in bed,reading a book,minding my own business,a disease carying bastard flew over my chest and landed on the floor,Naturally I flailed my arms around and came rushing through the door,I quickly reached for a broom and scanned the room for the vermin…When I finally saw it,I beat the hell out of him with the weapon in hand, he got  stunned so I took dustpan and gave it to my pet,Pepito…

 Photobucket (yes I have a monkey,but he’s not trained so he bites and claws people,tsk tsk tsk)

watching the coackroach squirm in a monkey’s hand is not the most prettiest thing to see,at first I thought he was going to eat it,but after he inspected the poor little creature he threw it away with disgust…


anyway,a few hours later, without warning another cockroah of the same size flew past my left shoulder and onto the computer screen,I came rushing to the door screaming “oh my god! help me!” , I then realized that the window was open, which is probably where the  pests entered, I grabbed a perfume bottle I found on my sister’s room,and slowly entered on my coackroach infested room ,I sprayed a tasteful amount on the cockroach who’s like…waiting and sitting in the corner of my computer table,and after wringling and stuggling in pain, he flew out of the room,I then quickly closed the door and went back in the computer,I didn’t bother closing the window ’cause what are the chances that another insect will enter the room…(sigh) I wish coackroches and humans can co-exist in peace…


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