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A question not many of you may ask


Recently I asked myself that If I would be stranded on  a deserted Island and can only choose 1 peson to be with on that god forsaken place,who would I choose…naturally I thought about a girl I like,but a “what if” question came to me…

what if I had no choice but to spend the remains of my days with a dude? will I turn gay?”

sadly there is a possibility, take my 2 dogs for example:
Photobucket Photobucket

these dogs used to be straight,the brown one, a German shepherd,used to have a lot of bitches in my old neighborhood,we would sometimes take off his leash and allow him to roam free and copulate with our neighbor’s dog,the white one, a japanese spitz  is more  of the conservative kind,he doesn’t run around spreading his seed,he spends  most of his time sleeping and gorging himself on dog food…when we moved 6 years ago,all they had was each other,’cause there weren’t that many dogs around,and as the years pass I noticed that they started pleasuring each other by licking each other’s genitals (see: picture)  while doing a thrusting motion,licking each other’s face and tounge kissing,it was pretty funny at first but after I realized what they were doing I was like “tsk tsk tsk,now that’s just sad”.

I’m not sure about us humans but some dogs,according to my observation, do resort to homosexuality when deprived of sexual lovin from the opposite sex…I’ll just try not to think about the whole deserted Island Dilemma…


(no offense to gay readers)


April 15, 2008 at 11:56 am 2 comments

Silent screams of a dying Banana

Last night at dinner,I found a piece of rotting Banana lying on the fridge and it looks as though it was suffering:


Photobucket  *this once was a happy yellow Banana,but now it’s just a decaying bar of blackness*


I ended his misery by putting him to rest among his bio-degradable buddies…this entry will serve as a memorial to not just bananas but all the fruits that were forgetten and left to rot…



April 11, 2008 at 4:13 am 1 comment

only in the Philippines

Someone once said:


“God made the world and China did the rest”


here in the Philippines,we get all sorts of shit from China,be it food,toys,gadjets and trumpets and even clothes/underwear…and what I saw before my eyes astounded me,this underwear hangning from a stall, 5 meters across Pakil Church


Could it be more Blasphemous?selling this silly merchandise is one thing but selling it across a church? geez…

oh and there’s this one time when my Family and I were on a trip and was driving along a province, we stopped and park under a Random shadow casting tree to grab some breakfast, and a sign from across the street caught my attention:



I’m not sure if China was responsible for making this sign or just some local from Nueva Ecija…tsk tsk tsk

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