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what the hell is going on with people?

last week as I was shuffling through endless channels of cable tv,I stumbled upon a local news show, It stated that a man —about 45 yrs. old, a crummy senile, apathetic man,w/ a Charlie Manson vibe— got arrested for violation of human Rights,he forces his maid/help—a 20 year old girl from the province,hoping to better her life by working in the big city— to undergo sexual intercourse with his pet dog,if that wasn’t enough, his wife—about 38 yrs. old, a pathetic looking middle age woman—beats the shit out of maid whenever she screws up some of the houseworks,she didn’t attempt to leave her masters ’cause she has nowhere else to go and didn’t have enough money to go back home which is really, really depressing…thankfully a co-worker of the victim, sneeked out and told the authorities about the activites goin on inside the house,the suspects got arrested and is now doing time in prison…


and recently, I heared from the same local news show that a man stuck a spray can up his butt,and while the spray can was being surgically removed,doctors and Nurses from the hospital was taking pictures and laughing at the misfortune of the gay man, and someone thought that it’ll be funny if he uploaded it on youtube,so he did…but the man pressed charges against the doctors and nurses present on the operating room for disrespecting his privacy,and shortly after,the video was deleted on youtube before I even get the chance to watch it..DAMN YOU CENSORSHIP PEOPLE!!!


this however, “click me” is as close as we can get in watching the whole video… *fast forward to 0:58*




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